Mikki Wosencroft ’99

Photo of Mikki Wosencroft
Mikki Wosencroft ’99

Mikki Wosencroft’s ’99 full scholarship to Babson was a gift she’s never forgotten.

“It’s been on my mind ever since I got the scholarship that one day I’ll pay this back,” she says, “because I knew that I wouldn’t be here without it.”

By “here” Wosencroft means director of human resources, North America, at the fashion and luxury goods company Celine in New York City. Prior to that she held positions at Morgan Stan-ley and Merrill Lynch. “Almost all of the jobs I’ve had,” she adds, “were the result of some point of reference of my Babson education.”

Wosencroft became part of the Babson Legacy Society with a charitable bequest through her life insurance, so she could make similar scholarships available to students in need. The Legacy Society offers an array of planned gift options for alumni and friends of the College, which can support campus programs and initiatives that are most personally meaningful.

“Everything I have is from the education I got,” she says. Comparing notes with friends from high school after her first year at Babson, she remembers realizing she was already ahead of the game: “While they were taking general ed classes, I already knew how to break down a balance sheet and understood why they changed the queueing at Starbucks.”


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